FAQ: lacewing in budgies [Melopsittacus undulatus]

FAQ: I have been a judge for 40 years and I specialize in budgerigars. For years now I have been combining lutino males with cinnamon females and vice versa, and I have never bred a lacewing (which you say is a crossing-over between cinnamon and SL ino). Are you sure that lacewing is a crossing-over?

Answer: Yes I am sure that *lacewing* is a crossing-over between cinnamon and SL ino. But I also can assure you that you will never breed a *lacewing* (cinnamon-ino) with only a combination of SL ino and cinnamon because a crossing-over occurs during meiosis (development of egg and sperm cells) and there fore you need at least a male that is heterozygote (split) for SL ino and cinnamon.

Please read: FAQ: Crossing-overs on the sex-chromosomes