Pale mutation in Indian Ringneck parrot?

I had recently an interesting conversation with Mr. Chris Antony, a bird breeder from Australia. He informed me about a rare colour mutation in ringneck parrots [Psittacula krameri].

Actually this mutation is not new and was first recognised in the early 1970’s by an Australian breeder, Mr. Tran, who lived on the Eastern seaboard of Australia. It surfaced around the time the cinnamon mutation had just become available. Because it was also a Sex-Linked mutation, it was then known as *Tran Cinnamon*,  named after the original breeder.

This mutation was all but lost, only a few breeders that still have this *tran* mutation.  Lucky for us, the only breeders who have this mutation in Australia, have shared breeding results. They combined *tran* with pallid and SL ino and proved in these results that *tran* is an allele on SL Ino.

If we compare all characteristics of this phenotyp: 10/15% reduction of the eumelanin mainly on the body, pink feet, SL inheritance, allelic to SL ino gene, it fits perfectly into the description of the pale mutant.

That should indicate that the pale mutant already exist before it was first recognized and named in the barred parakeet (Bolborhynchus lineola), AKA lineolated parakeet.