Current projects:

  • Project ZITA
  • Agapornis genomes study

Current studies:

  • Autosomal recessive grey mutation in Agapornis roseicollis
  • Evolution and taxon Genus Agapornis
  • Opaline mutation in Psittaciformes
  • Natural habitat and wildtype of Agapornis fischeri

Studies in the past:

  • Autosomal recessive grey mutation in Forpus coelestis
  • Pheomelanin project: Can parrots synthesize pheomelanin in feathers?
  • Associate study leader on Dr. Henriette van der Zwan’s (Friedrich) study to sequence the genome of the genus Agapornis
  • Study to taxonomy and colour mutations in Agapornis
  • Study to taxonomy and colour mutations in Forpus
  • Study to colour mutations in Serinus canaria
  • Study to colour mutations in Taeniopygia guttata
  • Anticipation in genus Agapornis
  • Parthenogenesis in Agapornis roseicollis
  • Halfsiders
  • Myostatine gene
  • Genus Neophema

Fieldwork in the past:

  • 2009 – Own research to Agapornis roseicollis in Namibia
  • 2010 & 2013 – Volunteer in the Lovebird Research Project in Liwonde National Park in Malawi. Research to Agapornis lilianae (October 2010 & June 2013).
    This research project is set up by Tiwonge Mzumara and later registered for a PhD with Professor Mike Perrin of the Research Centre for African Parrot Conservation at the University of Kwazulu Natal in South-Africa

Good to know:

Our research to new colour mutations in aviculture is confidential. We never share any (personal) information on (possible) new colour mutations without permission. It is ALWAYS the owner/original breeder who decides when / how / by whom and to whom the new mutation can be revealed.


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