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Here you can, among other things, find the international agreements / guidelines on colour mutations at Psittaciformes. The purpose of these agreements / guidelines is to promote communication between enthusiasts, by using uniform names / genetic symbols for colour mutations. In order to create as broad and stable, and above all scientifically correct, support as possible, many valid guidelines have been adopted from science.
The international guidelines for Psittaciformes contain the following parts

  • Agreements made by different breeders in cooperation with the Australian veterinarian Dr. Terry Martin on the Genetics-Psittacine list (1997 till +/- 2008)
  • Made agreements with different scientists about the names of already studied and named mutations in other species
  • Guidelines of ICZN (International committee for zoologic nomenclature)
  • Existing rules in genetics about genetic formulas and symbols

These agreements are regularly updated.

In addition, at the request of various TC, there were guidelines for which birds could be accepted at shows. These agreements are made with judges in 2001 in order to maintain their recognizability. Important: This can be different for different organizations. Each TC has of course the right to allow exceptions within their association.

International agreements / guidelines : Last updated: 25/05/2021

Beknopte samenvatting internationale afspraken / richtlijnen – Nederlands PDF
Brief summary on the international agreements / guidelines – English PDF
Bref résumé des accords internationaux – Français PDF
Resumen de los acuerdos internacionales – Espagnol PDF
Resumo dos acordos internacionais – Português PDF
Kort gennemgang af de internationale konventioner – Dansk PDF
Brief summary on the international agreements – Arabic PDF
Rangkuman singkat kesepakatan international – Bahasa Indonesia PDF
International agreements – Greek PDF

Genus Agapornis

List colour mutations in genus Agapornis – PDF : Last updated: 19/01/2024
Classification mutations in genus Agapornis – PDF : Last updated: 06/04/2023
List mutant genes in genus Agapornis – PDF Last updated: 01/03/2021

Forpus coelestis: Last updated: 06/02/2022

Artikelenreeks Taxomisch overzicht Genus Forpus (in Dutch)- Taxonomisch overzicht
List colour mutations in Forpus coelestis

Lijst CITES:

Lijst CITES Psittaciformes