New proposed taxonomy for Estrildidae and Chloebia gouldiae

The last decades taxonomist classified the Gouldian finch (aka the Lady Gouldian finch, Gould’s finch or the rainbow finch) in the genus Erythrura.  New research of the family Estrildidae, based on DNA research, using two mitochondrial and five nuclear markers, gain new insight [1]. Based on these results scientists propose the name Chloebia gouldiae instead of Erythrura gouldiae for the Goudian finch [1], [2], [3].

Other proposed taxonomy for Estrildidae:

Species not included in the analyses assumed to belong in these genera are marked with an asterisk (*).

Proposed revised taxonomy Gill and Donsker (2019) del Hoyo and Collar (2016)
Glaucestrilda caerulescens Estrilda caerulescens Estrilda caerulescens
Glaucestrilda perreini Estrilda perreini Estrilda perreini
Glaucestrilda thomensis* Estrilda thomensis Estrilda thomensis
Brunhilda erythronotos Estrilda erythronotos Estrilda erythronotos
Brunhilda charmosyna* Estrilda charmosyna Estrilda charmosyna
Delacourella capistrata Nesocharis capistrata Nesocharis capistrata
Granatina ianthinogaster Uraeginthus ianthinogaster Granatina ianthinogaster
Granatina granatinus Uraeginthus granatinus Granatina granatinus
Spermestes bicolor Lonchura bicolor Spermestes bicolor
Spermestes nigriceps* Lonchura nigriceps Spermestes bicolor nigriceps
Spermestes fringilloides Lonchura fringilloides Spermestes fringilloides
Spermestes cucullata Lonchura cucullata Spermestes cucullata
Spermestes griseicapilla Odontospiza caniceps Odontospiza griseicapilla
Mayrimunia leucosticta Lonchura leucosticta Lonchura leucosticta
Mayrimunia tristissima* Lonchura tristissima Lonchura tristissima
Padda oryzivora Lonchura oryzivora Lonchura oryzivora
Padda fuscata* Lonchura fuscata Lonchura fuscata
Bathilda ruficauda Neochmia ruficauda Neochmia ruficauda
Aidemosyne modesta Neochmia modesta Neochmia modesta
Taeniopygia castanotis Taeniopygia guttata castanotis Taeniopygia castanotis
Stizoptera bichenovii Taeniopygia bichenovii Taeniopygia bichenovii
Chloebia gouldiae Erythrura gouldiae Chloebia gouldiae

[1]          U. Olsson en P. Alström, ‘A comprehensive phylogeny and taxonomic evaluation of the waxbills (Aves: Estrildidae)’, Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., vol. 146, p. 106757, mei 2020, doi: 10.1016/j.ympev.2020.106757.
[2]          M. J. Miller, ‘HBW and birdlife international illustrated checklist of the birds of the world volume 2: passerines’. JSTOR, 2017.
[3]          del Hoyo, J., Collar, N.J., 2016. HBW and BirdLife International illustrated checklist of the birds of the world. Volume 2: Passerines. Lynx Edicions, Barcelona.