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    1. I have got an Agapornis Fischeri bird with all the qualities that you mentioned in Pallid. I just wanted to ask what is the difference between Agapornis Pallid and Agapornis faded or this is the same bird with two names?

    2. Hello,
      pallid has a visual reduction of the eumelanin of +/-50% and is a sex-linked recessive mutation and allelic to SL ino. Faded is an autosomal recessive mutation, that, as far as we know, only exist in Australia.
      Maybe you meant pale? Pale is also a sex-linked recessive mutation and also allelic to SL ino, but it has only a limited eumelanin reduction (+/- 15%), mainly on the body.

    3. Got it. My Pallid is in agapornis fischeri. would that be an allele of NSL Ino as well, because there is no SL Ino in agapornis fischeri?

      1. If there is a pallid Agapornis fischeri, it must allelic to the SL ino gene, even if the mutation don’t exist, the gene is always there. But to be honest, I never heard about a pallid Agapornis fischeri, but it is always possible

    4. A few breeders in Pakistan have Pallid Fischeries . Original birds/parents were imported from the Philippines. chicks had red eyes when they hatched and then after some time, they turned black. They have the same reduction, fleshy legs, and light grey wings. If you need I can send you photos of that bird