Ornitho-Genetics vzw
Notelaarstraat 16A
B-9260 Serskamp
Mobile: +32 476 48 19 80
(can be reached via Signal app)

Company number: 0871 402 666
IBAN: BE30 9796 2968 5811

Please keep in mind:

  • Kindly note that I am sometimes unable to revert your emails by return.
  • We only speak Dutch or English.
  • For info about colour mutations please consult my books.
  • We do not calculate breeding outcomes.
  • We never identify mutations on a picture.
  • We do not breed or sell birds.
  • We do not provide ‘free’ lectures, pictures or articles.
  • We do not provide names and addresses of other breeders.
  • Emails without clear indication of the senders co-ordinates, will not be answered.