Update on DNA studies

In 2021 we collected feathers for a comprehensive genetic study of all color mutations in the genus Agapornis. We started with feathers of Agapornis roseicollis: Wild-type green color, aqua, turquoise, orange face, opaline and SL ino
Agapornis fischeri: Wild-type green color, blue, opaline and NSL ino
Agapornis personatus, Agapornis lilianae and Agapornis nigrigenis: Wild-type green color, blue.

In the mean while we have extracted the genomic DNA (gDNA) from selected feather samples that we received from breeders. The gDNA was sequenced to obtain whole-genome data of each individual. We are now analysing the dataset to understand the genetic basis of different mutants.

Because it involves a large amount of bioinformatics analyses and will take a while until we have some results.

We also hope to expand the study with mutations in Forpus and Monk parakeet [Myiopsitta monachus]. We are still looking for feathers of these birds.

So please stay tuned.