SL dominant greywing mutation in Agapornis fischeri???

In April, we announce on our blog that Willie Matthews did a lot of test mating with what he believe *dominant yellow* Agapornis fischeri. All indications pointed out in the direction of a sex-linked incomplete inheritance.

Test mating set up by other breeders proved that *dominant yellow* Agapornis fischeri does not has a sex-linked incomplete dominant inheritance. In the mean while a few other breeders told us that there is a kind of ‘edged’ mutation that inherits, probably, sex-linked incomplete dominant in Agapornis fischeri. So, as we announced in September and was expected by some breeders, Willie probably confused *dominant yellow* with (this) (an)other mutation.

Now we have enough indications to state that there is most probably a sex-linked incomplete dominant mutation in Agapornis fischeri, other than *dominant yellow*. Main question now is if this mutation is similar with the SL dominant greywing mutation in the barred parakeet, aka lineolated parakeet or Catherine parakeet (Bolborhynchus lineola). The only way to confirm this is comparing cross-sections of the feathers of both phenotypes.

So, as usual, time will tell.