Sapphire added to our list of colour mutations in genus Agapornis

Based on the results of several test matings with sapphire Agapornis fischeri, we believe we can consider the sapphire mutation as a basic mutation in Agapornis fischeri.
So we added this mutation to our list of colour mutations in Genus Agapornis.

You can download this list on our downloadpage

Because the genetic background of this autosomale recessive mutation is still poorly understood, we have not create a genetic symbol yet. The moment we have more certainty about it, we will also update that list


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  1. Its a mutation yet to be
    fully proven in Indian Ringnecks (Psittacula krameri manillensis) but bl*sph makes sense

    1. Before we can use this symbol we have to be 100% sure that sapphire is really an allele of the bl-locus AND also important to consider: is blue2 really an allele of the blue locus or are there other genetic causes for this phenotype? Please read my article in the BVA-International journal of April 2020.

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