S.O.S. Red Siskin

Jesús Morales-Campos is projects Analyst of the Red Siskin [Spinus cucullatus] preserve program in Venezuela.

He will be conducting a reassessment soon, and he would like to check if the numbers they have make sense or not.
So he would like your input on how correct these five statements are:

  • Both males and females breed at one year of age, and they live 8-10 years in total.
  • Males are fertile up to 8 years of age, females until 5.
  • They choose their mate per season, not for life. 80% of the females mate.
  • Up to 2 clutches, 3-4 eggs/clutch, and a 50/50 sex ratio.
  • Where we are lacking in information is regarding the survival rate of both eggs and juveniles.

    Do you have any information on this?

If you can help, please contact Jesús by E-mail: jmorales@provitaonline.org

More info: www.provita.org.ve