Results feather research SL dominant greywing Agapornis fischeri

The first SL dominant greywing Agapornis fischeri were reported in 2009 in The Netherlands. Because of the inheritance is dominant, some breeders confused them, (despite it is a different phenotype), with dominant edged Agapornis fischeri. So several combinations with dominant edged were made. No need to say that these results were very confusing.

Some thought there was a connection with *dominant yellow* and also these combinations have been made. The result was ‘soup of the day’.

Lucky for us there was one breeder who did the efforts to combine them with pure green and two years ago it revealed that the inheritance was probably sex-linked incomplete dominant. In the mean while lot of combinations with dominant edged and *dominant yellow* were exported abroad and we received different reports of these birds. Some confused them with *dominant yellow* or dominant edged. Others called it SL dominant edged.

In the barred parakeet (Bolborhynchus lineola), AKA lineolated parakeet, Catherine parakeet there is a similar mutation. This mutation appeared about 15 years ago in The Netherlands and after feather research Inte Onsman advised to name it SL dominant greywing.

So now it was time to compare the feathers of SL dominant greywing Agapornis fischeri with the SL dominant greywing Bolborhynchus lineola. We examined feathers from the first SL dominant greywing Agapornis fischeri which were reported in 2009 and 2010 and birds bred in 2015 in Germany and South-Africa. Since the pigmentation is different from what we see in dominant edged Agapornis fischeri, and it looks more similar with what we see in cross sections of SL dominant greywing Bolborhynchus lineola and the way of inheritance is simular with SL dominant greywing Bolborhynchus lineola, we believe we can confirm that it are (most probably) the same mutations.

So we suggest to name this mutation in Agapornis fischeri also SL dominant greywing.