Pairi Daiza Foundation is working for the reintroduction of the Spix’s Macaw in Brazil

Pairi Daiza and the Pairi Daiza Foundation, in close collaboration with the Association for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots (ACTP), the Chico Mendes Institute for the Conservation of Biodiversity (ICMBio) and the Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation, are working on a great project: to give the Spix’s macaws back their complete freedom. And, in their natural environment, to restore a population of parrots that is sufficiently large and well-protected to ensure the survival and development of the species in the ecosystem from which it should never have disappeared. This project, if successful, would be hailed as a world first, because Man has never managed to reintroduce a species of animal back into the wild that was extinct in Nature.

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