Mutations in Cockatiels [Nymphicus hollandicus ]

As announced last week we will update MutaBase in the upcoming weeks with the list of colour mutations in Cockatiels [Nymphicus hollandicus ] and it would be great if we can get extra info of specialist breeders / societies.

What info do we need:

  • Name of mutation
  • Way of inheritance: (SL recessive, SL dominant, SL incomplete dominant, autosomal recessive, autosomal dominant, autosomal incomplete dominant)
  • Status: common, rare or extinct
  • Availability: Worldwide, Europe, …..
  • If  possible also following info: Where and when was this mutation first bred? BY whom? Allelic to… etc….

If you believe you can help us with Cockatiels, please contact is via our contact page

We will gather all data and if necessary we will get back to you for more information. It is also possible that we invite you via google Meet to join us in an online meeting.