FAQ: is there a visual difference between blue1 and blue2?

FAQ: is there a visual difference between blue1 and blue2?

Answer: I am afraid not.

There were rumours / assumptions that blue2 may also produce a limited amount of psittacin. We too have seriously considered this possibility.

However, Raman spectroscopy studies of feathers from proven blue1 and blue2 Agapornis fischeri and Agapornis personatus did not provide evidence for the presence of psittacin. We published the results of this test in the BVA-International journal from December 2020.

So there is no visual difference between blue1 and blue2 in Agapornis spp


  1. Hi Dirk,
    As we know a green Fischer can be a split of either blue or Parblue (not both). My question is that can a green bird may also be the split of Blue2 (ie Green Fischer/Blue2)?

    If yes, how to identify and produce such Green/Blue2 birds?

    Appreciate your response.


  2. Dear Zeeshan Sami khan,
    If I’m not wrong, A green fishry bird paired up with
    turquoise parblue,
    From which you got in first season;
    02 green/blue1
    02 green/blue2
    In next season breed them with blue1 mean (blue fishry),
    From which pair you got turquoise parblue,
    That green fishry is in the pair is green/blue2.
    Please do correct me if l’m wrong please.

    1. Dear Adnan (bhai),
      Thanks for your comments as usual. I do understand this Green/Blue2. However Green/Blue1Blue2 is still a myth. I will be breeding this year a Blue * Green/B1B2 (if I May say).

      Same pair in last season produced Green, Parblue and Blue series chicks.

      I will also try to share the breeding results here/BVA.

      Best Regards,
      Khan, Zeeshan Sami

        1. Thanks Dirk, really appreciate your response.

          I do understand that Green can either be split of B1 or B2. And honestly that is why I called this pair a “mystery”
          1.0 Blue Opa x 0.1 Green Opa/B1orB2

          Two clutches last season and both produce Visual Green/Opa , Blue Opa and Parblue Opa.
          How is this possible genetically?

          I have moved this pair to my breeding unit this season. Will record all breeding results and share.

  3. Thanks Dirk.
    Thanks for your response. I will test breed that hen in single breeding unit (not Aviary) and keep recording the outcomes.
    Will also share if there is something significantly noticeable.
    Thanks again.

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