FAQ: how to become a BVA judge?

For sure one of the most asked questions is how to become a BVA judge. We have to tell you that the way the BVA judges are appointed differs strongly from the way the classical judges from the general avicultural societies are. Firstly the titel of BVA judge isn’t a titel for life. It is a title you have to earn and you need to keep proving yourself.
How do you start? As a start you need to participate at the BVA lovebird course. This is given every two to three years at request of the BVA, by Ornitho-Genetics VZW. Every BVA member can subscribe to this course. It has 5 course days and during these meetings the different lovebird-species, their mutations, genetics, feather-structure, pigments etc are covered. If the participants want they could go for a test at the end. If they pass it with 70% or more they get a diploma which is valid for three years. With this diploma the participant has the opportunity to participate in the BVA judge’s course. This course has again ten course days and if the participant passes the exam at the end, he or she will become a BVA judge.
NB: each judge-license of the BVA is being renewed every year by the BVA. When the candidate, that passed the exam, do not participate in any of the yearly training days or doesn’t breed any lovebirds anymore, his mandate is withdrawn immediately.
This obliges every BVA judge to keep following the latest developments and we avoid the situation that after they got their title they lose all motivation and that they are not aware of the latest developments. BVA judges are there to serve the members, the breeders of lovebirds and not to serve themselves!