DNA Research 2021

We are planning for a comprehensive genetic study of all color mutations in the genus Agapornis. We start with a few basic mutants and in the long-term we can also study the genetic basis of other mutants.

We will start with following mutations:

Agapornis roseicollis: Wild-type green color, aqua, turquoise, orange face, opaline and SL ino
Agapornis fischeri: Wild-type green color, blue, opaline and NSL ino
Agapornis personatus, Agapornis lilianae and Agapornis nigrigenis: Wild-type green color, blue

We need samples from different breeders. We want to sequence DNA from at least 30 birds per mutation. So we need the help of several enthusiasts worldwide. Large feathers (e.g. tail feather) are preferred as they will provide better DNA quantity. At least 6 tail feathers should be sampled to guarantee enough DNA, but, of course other feathers are also welcome (the more the better ? ). It does not matter for eg the opaline that it is in combination with green, blue or other mutants, as long as they contain the requested mutation.

Please provide us following information: (file out this form and return it to: admin@ogvzw.org)

To complete the files, we also need a picture of each bird (you can send the pictures with www.wetransfer.com to admin@ogvzw.org)

and send the feathers to:
Dirk Van den Abeele
Ornitho-Genetics VZW
Notelaarstraat 16A
9260 Serskamp

This could mean a major breakthrough for the credibility of our hobby. Hopefully we can count on your cooperation.

We hope to collect all samples before November 15th

13/9/21: ACP joint into this project
14/9/21: first samples arrived from Brazil. Thank you very much Tulio
15/9/21: BVA Portugal joint into this project
20/9/21: help from France
21/9/21: coordination in Indonesia – first samples arrived from Belgium. Thank you very much Thomas
22/9/21: ALBS Australia
25/9/21: feathers received from Glenn. Thank you very much
28/9/21: ALBS America is coordinating in America
29/9/21: thank you very much Dominique
6/10/21: feathers received from France. Thank you very much Florian
12/10/21: feathers received from Indonesia. Thank you very much Benny