DM jade

As promised to Mr. Jameson Yerevan, I discussed this week his proposition to use DM (Dimorphemic) in combination with jade. There are a few problems: A (small) number of breeders use the term jade for D green and for them it can create confusion. Another problem, mentioned by Miriam Bisiacchi, the breeder who introduced and named this mutation in aviculture, is that not all judges realise that jade is a dimorphic mutation (so the expression of the mutation is different in female and males.) It was clear that the use of DM could solve both problems.

Scientifically there are no objections to use DM and since this mutation is (for now) only in Agapornis roseicollis I only had to speak with Agapornis breeders / judges and the breeder who introduced and named this mutation. That made it much easier then when this mutation also exists in other parrot species. None of them had objections, so within the BVA international nomenclature we will refer to jade as DM jade.

Another fact we had to keep in mind is what to do with the SF dominant edged females? Some of them also have less reduction of the eumelanine. Here we believe that the use of DM is not advisable. First reason: it only happens in heterozygote birds (SF) and since not all females have these characteristics, we can suspect that it is probably cause by epistatic genes.

Mr. Jameson Yerevan thank you very much for your positive contribution.