Conservation project BVA4900

Since 2017, BVA-International has a conservation project for pure wild type Agapornis spp.

The conservation project includes breeders who are committed to preserving the wild type. BVA-International does this in collaboration with CBI (Conservation breeding initiative), a group of breeders with a scientific background. They mainly give advice, to create a bloodline of a species that is as diverse as possible.

Currently the conservation project from BVA-International has started with 2 species, Agapornis nigrigenis and Agapornis fischeri. A. nigrigenis is almost extinct in the wild and A. fischeri, because we assume that due to mutation culture there will be no more pure wild types within x number of years.

They have already been able to build up a nice stock of  A. fischeri, A. nigrigenis is currently not a large group, but they are working hard on this.

You can easily recognize the birds from this conservation project, because every bird in that is ringed with band number  BVA4900. This number is also in the name of the conservation project purebred wild types. Important: all birds with ring BVA 4900 belong to the conservation project forever.
In the future, we hope to be able to start a conservation project for  each Agapornis species to ensure the wild type in aviculture and CDI has an additional goal to introduce birds back into the wild.

A noble endeavour if you ask me.
More info: Glenn Ooms



  1. Hi,
    Very good project and very good initiative. Go a head!
    Good luck.

  2. Yes, this is a great project. If it was possible I would participate with the roseicollis. They really deserve to breed in the original (small) form.
    The original wild type of roseicollis is a really beautiful bird.

  3. Me gustaría conocer si CBI ha pensado en ampliar la colaboración que ahora tiene con la BVA con otras organizaciones similares en otros paises, considero ampliando las fronteras de este proyecto se pueden obtener mayores resultados en un menor tiempo, el A. nigrigenis no puede esperar tanto.

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