BVA-International: a few numbers and facts

BVA-international celebrates its 27th birthday on November 1th.

Hereby I give you some numbers and facts:

  • Number of articles published in the BVA Magazine till now: 1.130
  • Number of authors contributed till now: 153
  • In 1998 when we founded BVA’s first official technical committee and in 1999 we had our first BVA judges.
  • The first BVA shows was named: Lovebird International. In 2008 we renamed the show to BVA Masters. It was Lieven Vranckaert who came up with this idea.
  • BVA became BVA-International in 2016.
  • BVA-International has for the moment 11 affiliated clubs and societies across the world. There are a few others in the pipeline.
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