Birds of the Tres Marías archipelago

The Tres Marías archipelago off western Mexico, is currently considered to have 24 endemic subspecies of landbirds. In a recent paper [1], Héctor Gómez de Silva, Mónica G.Pérez Villafaña, Javier Cruz-Nieto and Miguel Ángel Cruz-Nieto, propose that six of these subspecies should be elevated to  endemic species.
It concerns:

  • Cynanthus lawrencei
  • Amazilia graysoni
  • Forpus insularis
  • Pheugopedius lawrencii
  • Icterus graysonii
  • Granatellus francescae

They based their conclusion on new and previously overlooked information.

[1]          H. G. de Silva, M. G. P. Villafaña, J. Cruz-Nieto, en M. Á. Cruz-Nieto, ‘Are some of the birds endemic to the Tres Marías Islands (Mexico) species?’, Bull. Br. Ornithol. Club, vol. 140, nr. 1, pp. 7–37, mrt. 2020, doi: 10.25226/bboc.v140i1.2020.a3.



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