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The last months we spend some time to our online archive ( and we were able to complete the list with my articles that have been published in following aviculture magazines:

• Alcedo Edizioni Srl
• ANBvV – The Netherlands
• AOB Belgium
• Arndt Verlag
• Avizandum South Africa,
• BVA-International
• BVP Belgium
• CDE France (list not complete)
• €uro-Parrot
• Kelsey Media UK
• NBVV – The Netherlands
• Nederlandse ForpussenClub
• Papousci – Czech parrot magazine
• Parkietenfederatie (list not complete)
• Parkieten Sociëteit
• Roma Press SA – Spain
• Onze Parkieten – The Netherlands
• KBOF – Belgium

We hope to complete database in the near future with our articles published in:

PSC – Parkieten speciaal club
Australian Bird Keeper
and an Hungarian magazine –  name unknow

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