We need samples for DNA research

We are planning for a comprehensive genetic study of all color mutations in the genus Agapornis. We start with a few basic mutants and in the long-term we can also study the genetic basis of other mutants.

We will start with following mutations:

Agapornis roseicollis: Wild-type green color, aqua, turquoise, orange face, opaline and SL ino
Agapornis fischeri: Wild-type green color, blue, opaline and NSL ino
Agapornis personatus, Agapornis lilianae and Agapornis nigrigenis: Wild-type green color, blue

We need  samples from 30 birds of each phenotype – mutation (preferable from different breeders). So we need the help of several enthusiasts worldwide.

Large feathers (e.g. tail feather) are preferred as they will provide better DNA quantity. At least 6 tail feathers should be sampled to guarantee enough DNA, but, of course other feathers are also welcome (the more the better 🙂 ).

Please provide us following information: (file out this form and return it to: admin@ogvzw.org)

To complete the files, we also need a picture of each bird (you can send the pictures with www.wetransfer.com to admin@ogvzw.org)

and send the feathers to:
Dirk Van den Abeele
Ornitho-Genetics VZW
Notelaarstraat 16A
9260 Serskamp

This could mean a major breakthrough for the credibility of our hobby. Hopefully we can count on your cooperation.

Thanks in advance!!!